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Mirror git repository

I had to push to 2 GitHub repositories from 1 SVN repository. After some searching I came with the following solution. I suppose there are better ways to do this, but this works for me: After you pushed to the first repository, just use the following command to push to another one:

Remove all missing files with SVN

This will also take care of the "@" when you're an iOS developer with lots of @2x and @3x files: svn st | grep ^! | awk '{print " --force "$2"@"}' | xargs svn rm

Laravel and SVN

Laravel assumes you're using GIT to handle version control. Here is a guideline to fix it for SVN. In short: just add all the files and directories named ┬áin the .gitignore files to the SVN ignore list. Add the contents of the following directories to the ignore list (so the directories will be in version […]

Add or delete multiple files in SVN

The following command will add all unknown files except for ignored ones: svn add --force . Or: svn add $( svn status | sed -e '/^?/!d' -e 's/^?//' ) To delete all files with ! in front: svn delete $( svn status | sed -e '/^!/!d' -e 's/^!//' )

Checking in an existing project in SVN

Create the directory in the repository. Check it out somewhere (NOT in your local working directory). Move the .svn directory to your local working directory. Add all folders an files. Commit.