Titanium Android Local Notification Module


A plugin for the Titanium framework that enables scheduling local notifications for Android.

PHP Firebase Messaging


Send Firebase Cloud messages with PHP. It does one little thing that the firebase-php library does, except the fcm-php focusses on sending messages through HTTP/2 Multiplexing which is available in the Symfony HttpClient that fcm-php uses. This means sending a lot of messages takes much less time.

Flutter environment switcher


A little Node script that can switch between different Flutter environments, like development, testing and production. It can switch the app id, environment variables (for example the hostname that you connect to) and Firebase projects.



A Javascript SVG charting library for displaying data. Contains line, bar, pie, donut, radar and bubble charts that are keyboard accessible. See some examples.

Laravel Country Info package


Laravel composer package that provides country, locales/languages and timezone information to your application.