Version 20230111 details

Version 20230111 comes with some big changes and on this page you can read what has changed and how to solve some potential issues. This page will be updated when new questions arise.

Changes for version 20230111

  • There are now 2 kind of themes:
    • Bundled themes - they always start with pgc-, for example pgc-dark.css or pgc-light.css. These themes are bundled with the plugin.
    • Custom themes - they never must start with pgc-. These custom themes have to be uploaded to uploads/pgc_themes, for example mytheme.css.
  • The plugin now uses FullCalendar 6 instead of 5, but this shouldn't have impact as all the changes are about the development phase.
  • The bundled dark and light theme have been slightly changed and named now pgc-dark and pgc-light. So if you did choose one of these themes, make sure to go to the settings page of the plugin, the Gutenberg block or the shortcode and make sure you update the theme to the new name.
  • Previously there was a separate setting for theming the event detail popup. Now this can be styled by using a custom theme.

Choosing a theme

You can choose a default theme in the plugin settings page. This will make all calendars display in the selected theme. This default theme can be overruled for each separate Gutenberg block and shortcode.

Custom theme

A custom theme has to be placed in the uploads/pgc_themes directory and must not start with pgc- because this is reserved for bundled themes. You can see an example CSS file in the settings page.