Useful NVM commands


Just some commands that I always have to lookup. NVM is a tool that manages your node versions. An important concept is that your node versions are installed into their own directories together with the packages that are installed by this version of node. So if you install another version of node, you have to […]

Titanium webview and local content

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Working with local HTML, Javascript and CSS files in a webview can be very tricky in Titanium Appcelerator for a few reasons: The path to the HTML file is different on iOS and Android. Javascript files are optimized and encrypted during compiling stage. Only Javascript files that are referenced from within HTML files are left […]

Node.js installation and npm prefix


Some things regarding Node.js installation and setup: When installing Node.js with the installer, it will install the npm inside the Node.js location. So if you've set another prefix, you have to delete the npm packages from within the Node.js location, so they won't shadow the one in the prefix location. The npm prefix variable is […]