Tag: Linux

Openbox pipe menu Network Manager

A little script to add your available networks to the Dropbox menu and to let it connect / disconnect. Now call the script above in your .config/openbox/menu.xml file:

Colorize bash prompt on different servers

I often login on development and production servers. Sometimes I'm not sure anymore if I'm on development or production, which can cause some serious issues, like deleting a file on production... An easy solution is to colorize the bash prompt different on development and production. On my development server, I have a black background and […]

SSH Agent forwarding on Bash on Ubuntu on Windows

To enable key forwarding on Bash on Ubuntu on Windows. Create a ~/.ssh/config file with at least: Host *   ForwardAgent yes Start ssh-agent: eval `ssh-agent -s` Then add key(s): ssh-add Then you can ssh into some machine.

Arch Linux

Arch Linux is really a great desktop distribution, especially for older hardware like my Asus Eee pc 1015PEM netbook. Windows 7, the OS originally installed on this netbook, is very slow and even Xubuntu is not very fast, though faster than Windows 7. To install the distribution you have to execute some commands in the […]