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Remove all missing files with SVN

This will also take care of the "@" when you're an iOS developer with lots of @2x and @3x files: svn st | grep ^! | awk '{print " --force "$2"@"}' | xargs svn rm

Localization in app store iOS

Some remarks about localization an app in iTunes: The country associated with the Apple ID has to be one of the countries the app is published in to be able to find and install the app. So this has nothing to to with Settings / General / International / Region Format! You can change your […]

Clean PDF fixes crash on iOS

I recently tried to open a PDF but everytime I did, the Dropbox and Google Drive apps on iOS crashed. I fixed this by "cleaning" the PDF with MuPDF - I don't know what it does, except that after this action, the crashes where gone. If you download the MuPDF package, you can also find […]

Multiple Xcodes and iOS simulators

When upgrading Xcode, it wil overwrite the old one including the iOS simulators. To install an old version of Xcode: Download the .dmg from the Apple devcenter. Open this package so you see the Xcode.app. Create a directory for this Xcode version, e.g. /Applications/Xcode6.4 or some other name. Put the Xcode.app into this new directory. […]